Study: The Arctic is warming four times faster than the rest of the earth 

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According to new research published on Thursday, temperatures in the Arctic have risen almost four times faster than the rest of the planet over the past 40 years.

Previous studies have concluded that the Arctic was warming between two and three times faster than the global average.

In a new study published in the journal Communications Earth & Environment, researchers in Norway and Finland used four sets of temperature data over several decades as a basis. 

The figures go back to 1979, when satellite data became available. They concluded that the temperature in the Arctic has increased by 0.75 degrees Celsius per decade, and this is almost four times as fast as on the rest of the globe.

The findings suggest that even the most precise climate models are likely to underestimate the rate of Arctic warming.

“It is common in the literature that the Arctic warms up around twice as fast as the globe, so for me, it was a little surprising that our figure was so much higher,” co-author Antti Lipponen from the Finnish Meteorological Institute stated.

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  1. But hey! “Defeating the Russians” is FAR more important than saving the environment … and not just our children and grandchildren but probably most animal Life … so that will just have to wait … too much longer.

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