SV wants to give more money to pensioners

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SV wants to give more money to pensioners immediately

The Socialist Party (SV) wants to speed up the payment settlement to ensure pensioners more money. Last year, the Government parties and The Christian Democrats (KrF) made sure that a similar proposal was rejected.


-I really do not hope that the KrF will once again come to the rescue of the Government in this question. For the third consecutive year, the Government has put forward a Social Security settlement which means that pensioners and disabled people must tighten their belts, says SV leader Audun Lysbakken to NTB.

Outside the pension consensus

SV and the Progress Party (FrP) stood outside the pension consensus of 2005, but both parties have in Government complied with the principles of the pension reform. This implies, among other things, that pensions are under-regulated by 0.75 per cent every year, which reduces purchasing power in years with low increase in salaries.

– I think no one envisioned that pensioners for several consecutive years would lose purchasing power. This is especially dramatic for single elderly people who only have pensions from the National Pension Fund to live of, says Lysbakken.

Change in practice

The Government has changed the practice of social insurance agreements. They are now only being promoted as a separate matter before Parliament in connection with the state budget in the autumn.


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