Tax Administration finds billions in tax evasion

Tax Administration finds billions in tax evasionTax Administration finds billions in tax evasion.Photo:

A special group with the IRS is working to uncover tax evasion. So far in one year they have found 11 billion they believe is being withheld from taxation.

Norwegian authorities have established this special group in 2014. The group was formed to see if companies within the same group of tax considerations cheat on prices of goods and services – so-called transfer pricing. That same year, the group found a little over 11 billion, which it considers are exempted from taxes in Norway, writes Dagens Næringsliv.

Of this money, 1.6 billion have never been disputed by the companies, while the rest of the cases have ended up in the courts.

Astrid Hestnes Shoghl, head of the special group, informed the newspaper that issues are complicated by the tax authorities and they must work against parent companies in other countries that may have different tax regimes, tax treaties and different interpretation of international guidelines.

In 2014 a special group of tax resolutions were formed directly affecting 124 companies. The initiative was expanded the following year, and nearly 100 other companies have been involved in such matters with the tax authorities in recent years.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today