More tax fraud networks uncovered

Tax AdministrationOslo.Tax Administration.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

The Tax Administration believes 4,000 people have been using five tax cheaters to claim false deductions for over 400 million.

Aftenposten writes that the five fraud networks is only the beginning of the case complex in what could be Norway’s largest tax fraud of its kind.

Tax Administration is on the track of another 15-20 network.

The unravelling of the instances of fraud started with a case, previously mentioned in Norwegian news, where a Vietnamese woman is accused of having submitted over 3,000 tax returns on behalf of 2,146 taxpayers.

In the aftermath, the authorities have uncovered several similar cases, including a case where a Norwegian-Pakistani helped 850 individuals evade 67-70 million from taxation. The man has confessed to the police.

The police is also investigating 400 cases among Norwegian-Somalians, one Tamil network, and one Pole who reportedly have helped his countrymen to get higher tax deductions.

– Our tax system is based on trust and loyalty. It is very serious when someone makes their living from undermining the welfare state in an organized manner,  head of the tax crime department, Jan-Egil Kristiansen, said at the trial of the Vietnamese woman.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today