Taxi companies must provide quotes for taxi rides

Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

Taxi companies must state the price of the taxi ride each time a customer orders a journey, the Consumer Authority recalls in a new orientation to the companies.

The consumer must always pay the lowest price, and never more than the price offered. If the taximeter price is lower than the price offer, this is the price the customer will pay, the Consumer Authority emphasizes.

The changes in the price information regulations came into force last year. These days, the Authority reminds all taxi stations in the country of the price quotation requirement.

If you book by telephone at the taxi central, you must get the price quote there. The same applies to booking online or via the app. If you hail a taxi at a bus stop or on the street, it is the driver who will provide the offer.

If the customer cannot specify a specific destination, the rule does not apply. It also does not apply if the customer switches destinations along the way.

“We have the impression that this rule is practiced to a small extent by the industry. That is why we are now sending out this orientation,” says Department Director Jo Gjedrem of the Consumer Authority.

He emphasizes that the taxi industry should now be familiar with the rules.

“In the future, the Consumer Surveillance Authority will follow up complaints from consumers and carry out supervisory actions to ensure compliance with the rules,” says Gjedrem.

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