Unemployed engineers will soon be without unemployment benefits

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The counties that have been hard hit by the oil crisis, are experiencing a sharp increase in the number of people who will soon not get unemployment benefits anymore. In a few months’ time, 4,000 people will be without unemployment benefits.

– Many people are unsure whether they now have to sacrifice their house or car to cover the bills, Terje Amundsen, head of engineering organization Tekna in Stavanger,  says to the newspaper Dagens Næringsliv. He is one of the people who will shortly be left without unemployment benefits.

The options when you are without work and longer are entitled to unemployment benefits, are social assistance, rehabilitation money or support from family.

– This worries us. It’s tough to stay motivated for the job search over time. In addition, there is the financial uncertainty  – what if the unemployment benefits are used up, Stig Veland, head of Nav Eiganes and Tasta, says.

In counties that have been hit hard  by the oil crisis,   3933 people had had five months or less worth of unemployment benefits in July, according to the newspaper.

That’s an increase of 41 percent compared with the same month last year, and the most dramatic increase has been in the counties of Rogaland and Hordaland.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today