Wants more people to learn a skill while working


The Government continues to focus on lifelong- and vocational training: Adults who lack a certificate, will receive credits while working.

– It is important that adults who already have jobs are given the opportunity to learn a skill, because then they will stand a better chance in the labour market. It will also provide companies with skilled labour that they will require more of in the future, Minister Torbjørn Røe Isaksen states.

A more flexible approach

Today there are many adults who lack a certificate in their current position. For many, it is quite unheard of to quit their job to in order to become an apprentice. It should be possible to obtain a certificate if you have worked full time for five years or more and can demonstrate sufficient professional experience, to be certified. But this often takes to long, particularly for part-time employees.

Trade certificate’s for work scheme has been tested in six counties. The results show that more people have wanted to take a certificate with the arrangement. Now the government will build on these positive experiences.

– We will provide a more flexible way to provide trade certificates. You should be able to learn a skill while working. After years of practice you should be able to ask the county council for qualifying your self as an employer while continuing to work, Røe Isaksen, said.


Source: government.no / Norway Today