127 foreigners arrested for ID fraud with Norwegian passports

Passports, dual citizenshipPassports.Photo: Norway Today Media

From 2010 to 2018, 127 foreign nationals were discovered trying to enter the UK and Canada with Norwegian passports.

The foreigners who pretended to be Norwegians came from 18 different countries according to a new report from the National ID Center. Most came from Iran, Somalia, Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan wrote Aftenposten newspaper.

In Norway, about 35,000 passports are reported lost each year, but there is no good overview of how many people are actually involved. One of the reasons is that it is difficult to detect the scam because the documents are technically correct, even if it does not belong to the right person.

‘’This type of fraud is very difficult to detect. The fact that Canada and the UK have revealed so many imposters from Norway is disturbing. This may indicate that we in Norway have a lot to do to uncover similar abuse of the system’’ said Senior Adviser, Odnes Jensen, of the ID Center.

This type of fraud accounted for only six per cent of ID fraud cases discovered in Norway in 2017. By comparison, they accounted for 79 % of fraud cases with Nordic passports that were uncovered at airports in Europe, the UK, and Canada.

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