Over 20 degrees in Eastern Norway and Telemark on the 16th of May at 20:44

Beautiful sun weather forecast neighbour's treesBeautiful sun. Photo: Norway Today Media

The good weather is back in Eastern Norway and Telemark this weekend, and it will be warm and sunny.


Eastern Norway and Telemark will get perfect bunad (national costume) weather with temperatures between 15 and 20 degrees. Even though those who live in the furthest north of Eastern Norway will have to prepare for cool nights, they will be down a few degrees only.

‘’It will be a party night leading into the 17th of May. In Østfold especially, the coolness will remain the longest. Here, there may also be showers in the morning on the national day. Most other places will have finished with the rain during the morning,’’Håkon Mjelstad announced at the Meteorological Institute.

The rest of the holiday will be fine and windy

“We will get a lot of sunshine, rising temperatures, and it’ll be 20 degrees in most places during the Pentecost, maybe already by Saturday in many places,” said the meteorologist.

The rest of the week will be a bit more unstable, with more clouds. There will definitely be periods of sunshine, but a few more afternoon showers.

Everybody will see the sun

Nowhere in the country will get bad weather on May the 17th. Many will feel the wind, and there may also be some rain showers, but everyone will have a glimpse of the sun.

Sørlandet could get up to 20 degrees on both May the 17th, the weekend and first days of next week.

South western Norway will get sun on Thursday. North west, it will become a bit more mixed, but definitely with periods of sunshine.

It will also be nice on the Pentecost, with sun every now and then and good temperatures. At the end of Pentecost, it could be 20 degrees in the west. Next week there will be no rain,and it’ll be between 15 and 20 degrees.

Cool in Trøndelag

Trøndelag will get a cool 17th of May.

‘’There’ll obviously be periods of sunshine, but it won’t be hot. Trøndelag must be satisfied if they reach 15 degrees,’’ said Håkon Mjelstad.

There will be some showers on Pentecost, but it’ll be warmer, possibly 20 degrees. The warm weather will last through next week.

The weather will stay warm in the north

There will be warm weather on May the 17th, at least in Nordland and probably also north to

Troms. In Finnmark there will be a western wind and a little rain at the beginning of the national day. The entire region will have periods of sun and will be approximately 10 degrees.

Later in tPentecost, there will be some wind, it’ll be partly cloudy, and rain may come on and off almost every day, but not much of it. It won’t get much hotter, maybe up to 15 degrees. After the Pentecost weekend and next week, the temperature will rise.


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