Supplements of Omega-3 have little effect

Salmon omega-3Salmon is a source of Omega-3. Photo: Norway Today Media

Supplements of Omega-3 have little or no health effect

There are little or no health effects from Omega-3 supplements, according to a research report. The fact is that it is not beneficial to your health, a Norwegian researcher concludes.


The research report was published by the international research and health organization Cochrane on Wednesday, according to NRK.

– We are absolutely sure of the conclusions of this research, which goes against the popular perception that Omega-3 supplements have a positive cardiac effect, says Cochrane’s leader, Dr. Lee Hooper, to BBC.

The basis for the report is 79 different intervention studies in which the causes of certain diseases in the population have been tested. More than 100,000 people have participated in the survey, which has charted whether or not Omega-3 supplements have reduced cardiovascular disease, stroke and mortality.

In addition to establishing that the health effect of Omega-3 supplements are limited, the researchers emphasize that eating fish in its natural form is still considered as beneficial to your health.

Associate Professor at the Faculty of Health Sciences at Oslo Metropolitan University, Mari Myhrstad, says that the findings in the report are no breaking news. She believes Cochrane’s research is important, but stresses at the same time that people should not worry about taking Omega-3 supplements.

– The conclusion by Cochrane is not that supplements pose a health hazard, Myhrstad points out.


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