40.000 pupils on strike for the climate

pupils school strikeI believe more in Santa than the politicians! Photo: Tom Hansen / NTB scanpix

40.000 pupils on strike for the climate: ”We want a future”

Armed with posters and slogans, over 40,000 committed Norwegian pupils went on strike on Friday with demands for climate action – now!

At least 15,000 students gather in front of the Norwegian Parliament.

“If the Earth becomes a garbage bag, what is plan B?” the attending pupils shout. Teenagers who gather to deliver a clear message to the politicians that they require more climate action.

Enough is enough

“At this moment we are changing Norway. Today we send a clear message to Erna Solberg that the time for empty promises is over. Enough is enough, ”Leader of AUF, Ina Libak, speaks from the pulpit to tremendous cheers.

“This is the largest climate action ever in Norway,” Libak emphasises.

There will be climate change strikes more than 70 places in the country. A count on Friday afternoon shows that at least 36,000 pupils defied warnings of AWOL notices and convened. This does not include figures from more than 50 venues.

The Oslo police praise the youth on Friday afternoon. They state that the vast majority behaved exemplarily.

The most serious incident happened when some teenagers threw a firecracker at the Paleét shopping mall. Four teens aged 15-17 were apprehended by the police, while two others were expelled from the venue. Nobody sustained an injury.

Strong signal

It was expected that around 20,000 would participate in the actions before. It ended thus up with twice that number.

“This is a strong signal to the government,” leader in Nature and Youth, Gaute Eiterjord, tells NTB.

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  1. Horst Knop | 4. July 2019 at 18:50 |

    I hope it is not to late – We must get the Churches to control the birthrate – We are getting to many. Greed = Profit is not more important than the FUTURE. We need a new World-Order. We must find new Values and Norms . We must get One in Mind. We are so late. We ask off our Children to save us and > Mother Earth < SHAME ON US –

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