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47 doctors lost their license last year

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47 doctors in Norway lost their license to practice last year

Last year, 47 doctors were stripped of their authorization to practice, while 59 doctors received a warning from Helsetilsynet.


A total of seven doctors lost their right to issue prescriptions for medication in drug groups A and B.

As well as 70 nurses and 22 medical assistants, other carers or health professionals lost their authorization as well.

The main reasons for having authorizations revoked are in most cases due to abuse of drugs and/or behavior deemed incompatible with professional practice. Such behavior includes theft of drugs.

“Total last year, 155 health personnel lost 160 authorizations. That is 41 more authorizations than the year before,” states the Norwegian Health Inspectorate.

The Norwegian Public Health Authority also has the authority to petition for breach of health legislation. This was done in five cases in 2017.


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