72 year old committed sexual abuse against girl under 14 years old

Bergen District Court childrenBergen District Court. Photo: wikipedia.org

A 72 year old man acknowledged punishment after being convicted of rape of a child under the age of 14 years when he was confined to detention on Saturday.


The man was arrested on Friday, and presented for detention in Bergen District Court the following day. During the prison meeting, the man acknowledged the penalty for the rape of a child under 14 years of age.

He received the imprisonment order for two weeks in custody, with a ban on letters or visits.

‘The man and the girl have a family relationship. We will not yet comment further on the relationship between them,’ said investigator and police officer, Håvard Skattum, of the Western Police District to Bergens Tidende newspaper.

The girl lives in Eastern Norway, but the man lives in a municipality in Western Norway. It was a counsellor at girls school who sent a message of concern that led to the notification to police, and arrest of the man.

The man threatened the girl not to tell anyone what was happening between them because he didn’t want to end up in prison.

‘The police believe that the man has committed sexual offences against the girl,who is still a child, for the last couple of years, but at the moment there is not talk of how many abuses,’ said Skattum.

The man’s defence lawyer, Fredrik Verling, didn’t commented on the detention.


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