A fifth person has been found dead in the landslide area at Gjerdrum: “This is still a rescue operation”

Kenneth WangenPhoto: Tor Erik Schrøder / NTB

A new person was found dead in the landslide in Gjerdrum just before 6 o’clock on Sunday morning, the police informed.

“Just before 6 o’clock, a new discovery of a dead person was made. The person was found by USAR crews from the Oslo fire and rescue service, who have been working on the ground in the landslide area throughout the night,” the Eastern Police District wrote in a message at 7:30 AM on Sunday.

Work is now underway to transport the person out of the area.

The police currently have no further information about the dead person.

Thus, a total of five out of the ten people who were not accounted for after the landslide on Wednesday were found dead. 

Three were found on Saturday, while one person was found on Friday.

So far, only the person who was found on Friday has been identified. It was Eirik Grønolen.

The search continues

The fire service is still looking for possible survivors in the landslide area in Gjerdrum, the Fire service informed.

“This is still a rescue operation. It is important to emphasize that,” operations manager Kenneth Wangen in the Fire service said at a press briefing on Sunday morning.

The Fire service searched for survivors throughout the night and has expanded the search.

“We are primarily looking in buildings where there is hope of finding survivors,” Wangen said.

He added that cold temperatures make conditions drier, which makes the area somewhat safer. He emphasized that it was still a risky operation.

The rescue teams used dogs in the searches in the landslide area throughout the night. 

They used information from the police to put dogs to work where there is hope of finding survivors.

“We are now expanding two sectors and will expand one further north in another area of interest,” Wangen noted.

There are five groups working in the landslide area.

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