Alarm sounds off at Gjerdrum landslide site, rescue crews ordered to leave the area

Gjerdrum rescue workersPhoto: Tor Erik Schrøder / NTB

An alarm has been triggered at the landslide site in Gjerdrum, and the crews have been ordered out of the area.

An orientation meeting is now being held about the situation at the landslide area in Gjerdrum.

Police: A landslide occurred, no one is injured

There has been a landslide while the rescue crews were searching the landslide area. 

Everyone has been pulled out of the area, and no one is injured, the police said at a press briefing just before 12 o’clock on Tuesday.

“All the crews left the area. No one is injured,” police task force leader Roy Alkvist said.

New assessment

“A new assessment will be made about re-entering (the area),” Alkvist said.

The alarms that were triggered in connection with the new landslide were heard in the center of Ask.

“As it looks now, things have gone well with the crews, but as I have said before, this is very risky, and now we saw that there is danger in working there,” Alkvist noted.

“Everyone ran”

NTB’s photographer Terje Pedersen was present at the site when the new landslide occurred.

“Everyone ran and screamed and got to safety,” he said.

According to the photographer, a few minutes before the alarm, a thunderous roar was heard east in the valley.

However, it has not been confirmed that the roar had anything to do with the new landslide.

When the police task leader held a briefing for the press, a number of crews returned to the municipality’s culture house, from where the work is coordinated.

Dog found alive

Three people are still missing after the landslide that took place on Wednesday, December 30.

Seven people have been found dead, and they have all been identified.

On Monday, a dog was found alive. Police say the dog gives new hope in the search for survivors.

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