Police find a live dog at Gjerdrum landslide site: “This gives us new hope of finding survivors”

Roy AlkvistPhoto: Terje Pedersen / NTB

On Monday, a dog was found alive at the landslide site in Gjerdrum. Police say the dog gives new hope in the search for survivors.

“There was good news yesterday. A dog was found. It gives us new hope to find more survivors,” task leader Roy Alkvist said at a press conference in Gjerdrum at 9 o’clock Tuesday morning.

The dog was found in a cavity in the wreckage of a house

Rescue workers still believe it is possible to find the three missing people alive, and the search continues in full force.

The search crews dug further into the collapsed buildings on Monday night. During the process, they found several new air pockets. 

As of Tuesday, all seven people who have been found dead after the Gjerdrum landslide have been identified.

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