Almost one in five female police officers in Norway has experienced sexual harassment

Benedicte BjørnlandPhoto: Geir Olsen / NTB

In a survey conducted by Politiforum, more than 500 women and men answered that they had experienced sexual harassment from another police employee.

In an anonymous survey conducted by the trade magazine Politiforum among almost 6,000 police employees in the Norwegian Police Association, 18.3%, almost one in five, of the female employees answered that they had been subjected to sexual harassment during their time in the police. 

Only 14% of the incidents were reported, and for 43% of them, there was no consequence.

“When I see the figures, it is a serious and discouraging picture… Even though it is not an annual overview and parts of the findings could be related to events that took place back in time,” police director Benedicte Bjørnland said.

Worrying findings

The survey among 2,512 women and 3,399 men in the police was conducted after a research project at the Police Academy revealed a negative sex culture in the police

Furthermore, police superintendent and chief safety representative at the Police Academy Tania Randby Garthus went public with her own experiences of harassment in the service.

This week, the police director launched a separate employee survey, which will be presented in mid-December. 

The new survey will ask questions about sexual harassment in the last twelve months.

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