Amendments to the legislation after knife murder

MP Kari Henriksen Labour knife murderMP Kari Henriksen,(Labour). Photo: Stortinget

Labour politician calls for amendments to the legislation after knife murder

Legislative changes to improve the cooperation between psychiatry and child welfare may be necessary, says Kari Henriksen (Ap) after the knife murder in Kristiansand.


Henriksen, who is in the judicial committee of the Parliament, tells NRK that psychiatry often fails in child care when long-term commitment is needed.

– When there is a need for long-term and coordinated services and when there is a serious conditions involved, the cooperation often fail. That is not good enough, especially when it concerns children.

The child care department of the County Governor in the Agder counties did not succeed in conducting an audit of the institution where the murder indicted 15-year-old lived before the knife stabs at the Sørlandet mall in Kristiansand on Wednesday. 17-year-old Marie Skuland was stabbed to death and a 23 year old woman was severely injured.

The 15-year-old has been placed at a number of different child care institutions, and on Wednesday she eloped from the place she lives in Setesdal.

– Interdisciplinary cooperation regarding children must be bettered and efforts must be introduced early, so that more bodies are involved a lot earlier when it is apparent that children are struggling with mental health, she emphasizes.


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