Americans are heavier and shorter

Overweight obesity shorter heavierIllustration.Photo: Pixabay

Americans becoming heavier and shorter

Since 1999, the average American has become heavier and shorter according to a state health study.


By 2015, the average height Americans around the country were 175.4 centimetres, two millimetres shorter than at the start of the study in 1999. American women were also two millimetres shorter.

The study also shows that American men and women have become around three kilograms heavier on average since 1999. The average American woman now weighs 77 kilograms, while the men weigh nearly 90. The waistline and BMI are also somewhat higher than before.

Over 40% of Americans are overweight, which is equivalent to 93 million people according to the US Public Health Agency, CDC.

Being overweight can lead to cardiovascular disease, stroke, increased chance of getting Diabetes 2 and some types of cancer warned researchers. In addition, societal costs are expensive. According to the CDC, the condition of being overweight costs the US state 147 billion dollars each year.


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