Americans withdraw from Northern Norway winter exercise

American soldiers to NorwayAmerican soldiers to Norway.Photo: Ned Alley / NTB scanpix

The US has decided to withdraw over 3,000 soldiers from the Cold Response 2020 exercise in Northern Norway in March, reports ‘Forward’.

The explanation is the security situation. Until recently, 19,000 soldiers had signed up for what would become the most comprehensive winter exercise in Northern Norway.

A spokesman at the Defense Operational Headquarters (FOH) at Reitan, Colonel Lieutenant Ivar Moen, tells ‘Forward’ that the US contribution to Cold Response 2020 will be reduced by over 3,000 soldiers.

– The Americans are more affected than others by the security and political situation that has arisen. This means that we will now operate with 15,500 soldiers who will participate in this year’s Cold Response.

The actual Cold Response 2020 field exercise will take place from 12 to 18 March, but the first forces have announced their arrival in Norway for winter training in Februrary already.

Moen has no details of how big the US contribution will be during this year’s exercise. He does not want to go into detail about the units or types of troops that Americans now withdraw from Cold Response 2020.

During Cold Response 2020, forces will join from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom and a greatly reduced contribution from the United States.

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