Afghan family allowed to be out of church

Illustration.Vågsbygd church in Kristiansand. Photo:

An asylum Afghan family who has been in a church in Kristiansand is now allowed to be outside of the church

An Afghan family who has spent seven months in church asylum in Vågsbygd church outside Kristiansand can now travel freely after receiving a temporary residence permit.


The family with four children still lives in the church, but they are looking to find another place to stay nearby the church.

 “We are very pleased with this because it is a good signal. The family is also very grateful that they can now leave the church and move freely”, says parish priest Nils Terje Andersen in Vågsbygd church in Kristiansand to Dagen.

 He says that temporary stay means that the Afghan family can travel everywhere without being taken by the police until their case will be reviewed in the fall.

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