Bergen lets Multiconsult of the hook

Hydro dam MulticonsultMicro Hydroelectric generation in NW Vietnam village. Set-up involves bamboo and wooden sluices channelling water into oil drums fitted with hand-carved bamboo turbines. Electricity generation was via motorbike alternators. Interestingly, high-tension power lines ran through the middle of the village, but clearly were not used by the villagers. Taken in October 2000. Photo: Shermozle / Wikipedia.

Bergen lets Multiconsult of the hook

Ten months after a break in the dam in Munkebotn in Bergen, the municipality has agreed with Multiconsult not to demand any compensation.

The temporary dam which was made in connection with the rehabilitation of the dam in Munkebotn burst on August 22nd, 2018. The breach led to large volumes of water flooding the area below Munkebotn and Eidsvåg. More than 100 inhabitants were evacuated from approx. 40 homes.

“Bergen Municipality is soon ready to issue a tender for rebuilding the dam,” Bergensavisen reports.

it was Multiconsult who had the advisory assignment when the dam broke. Donar was the executing contractor. An independent review of the dam burst placed the responsibility at the feet of Multiconsult.



Washes each other’s hands clean

Bergen Municipality and Multiconsult entered into a settlement agreement in late June. They are mutually relieved of obligations related to the assignment in that. The parties further agree that neither of them can file compensation claims against the other.

Department Manager of Water and Sewage in Bergen, Magnar Sekse, admits that an identical agreement has been entered into with Donar.

Sekse informs that Bergen Municipality is well underway in the process regarding a tender. He expects the work on the Munkebotn dam to be resumed during this autumn.

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