Bhatti appeals violence verdict to Supreme Court

Bhatti anchor voldsdom to Supreme CourtOslo.Arfan Bhatti (t.v.) and defender John Christian Elden.Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / Scanpix

The Court of Appeal has dismissed an appeal from the violence condemned Islamist Arfan Bhatti. He appeals the verdict to the Supreme Court, despite already having served his time.

Bhatti was  sentenced to 14 days in prison in Oslo District Court in January for violence against his spouse. The sentence was already then considered to be “expired” because Islamist had been in custody for nine days, but Bhatti  still appealed because he believes the police illegally used a audio log as evidence in court, writes Manager.
– The Court of Appeal decision was appealed to the Supreme Court on the same day. They believe the district court had no choice but to condemn him, although it should be considered illegal evidence. I think this is wrong,  Bhatti’s lawyer, John Christian Elden, says to the newspaper.
The aforementioned audio log was the police’s main evidence in the case. It contains three calls between Bhatti wife and AMK. Elden and Bhatti wants the Supreme Court to judge whether the police may have used illegal methods to obtain the audio logs from the health care.
The police Attorney Trine Dyngeland of Oslo Police would not comment on the matter to Manager, “because that case is still pending.”


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today