Most boat users most wear a life vest

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Most boat users most wear a life vest when they should

Police say they have the impression that people mostly follow the requirement for wearing life vest in small boats. Only 3 percent of the 6,705 controlled lacked a west.

For more than two years, it has been mandatory for west in boats under eight meters long. Police naval service in southern Norway finds that most people follow the rules, reports NRK.

“The impression we have gained is that people are good at using wests. The youth, women and families are most adept when it comes to floating wests, says Miriam Stausland, which coordinates the sea service.


6,705 controls revealed 227 offenses. That is a ratio of a little over 3 percent.

The requirement for a boat driver’s certificate is also complied with. In southern Norway, 16 simplified submissions were given after 2,650 boats were checked last year. In the whole country, 35 such fines were given.

The requirement applies to all born in 1980 or later who drives pleasure boats longer than eight meters or have engines of more than 25 horsepower.


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