Suitcase at Bodø Airport indicated explosives

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Suspicious suitcase at Bodø Airport indicated explosives

Bodø Airport was evacuated after a suspicious case was found on Tuesday. It reopened a short time later. Three tests indicate explosives, according to Avinor.

Bodø Police reported of the discovery at 3.15 pm. All passengers and staff were evacuated from the airport terminal.

“The airport was reopened a short time later – after the suitcase had been examined. No suspicious items were found inside,” Nordland Police District informs.

“We received a phone call from Avinor stating that a suitcase had been seized. Tests were performed on it in three different places. All the test spots indicated explosives,” Operations Manager of Nordland Police District, Kjell Rune Rogstad, tells Avisa Nordland.



Took no chances

The police, therefore, took no chances and evacuated the Bodø airport terminal.

“When it comes to explosives in such a large area, we take no chances. We created a safety zone of 200 metres. We, therefore, had to evacuate. This took place without drama,” Rogstad explains.

He adds that the suitcase was re-tested. No explosives were then found. A nitro-glycerine containing drug has probably caused the false positives.

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