A closed chapel in Bergen will become Turkish mosque

The Friday prayer in the mosqueIllustration.Friday prayer in the mosque.Pphoto: Arash A. Nejad / SCANPIX

Old Hop chapel was closed in 1975 and after around 40 years it will again be used as places of worship, this time for Allah.

– We could barely buy a better building, said by Chairman Adem Guven in Bergen Muslim association to the local newspaper Bergens Tidende.

The new mosque at Nesttunvegen was bought for NOK 4.2 million and will be refurbished by volunteers. It shall be made room for Koran lessons and homework help. The women will enter the main door while it is planned for men want to enter from the door which today is the garage door. It is planned to be open in 2017.

– To use a house that was built for Christian purposes for another religion breaks my heart but life goes on and a building is a building, said Erik Furnes General Secretary in the Indremisjonsforbundet.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today