Coop and Unil recall ham and bacon products

CoopCoop.Photo: Norway Today Media

Coop and Norgesgruppen has recalled several bacon and ham products from their stores after listeria was detected in production facilities.


Coop recalls Coop diced ham 2×90 grams and Coop diced bacon 2×90 grams from their stores after listeria was detected in one of the production facilities.

The Norgesgruppen recalls the following products: Folket’s individual portioned Bacon flavored topping and Folket’s individual portioned Cooked Ham, as well as First Price’s Individual portion Ham.

Neither Coop or Norgesgruppen products have been tainted with listeria themselves.

– Listeria has been found in our subcontractor Fatland on a production line. The product has been withdrawn from the stores and will not be re-entered until Listeria contamination is gone, Unil, a subsidiary in the Norwegian group, states.

“Customers should trust that the food they buy from Coop is safe and, to be sure, we have decided to withdraw those products from our stores.”

“We encourage all customers who bought the products to return it so that they can get their money back,” says Harald Kristiansen, communications manager.

Most people who receive a small dose of the listeria bacteria do not get sick. However, for people who have an impaired immune system have an increased risk of becoming ill if they are fighting any other infections.


NTB Scanpix / Norway Today