The Crown Prince visited young people in Porsgrunn

Crown Prince Haakon PorsgrunnCrown Prince Haakon.Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB Scanpix

The Crown Prince visited children and teens in Porsgrunn

Crown Prince Haakon met with children and teenagers in Porsgrunn Wednesday to get to know their everyday lives.

Sports, culture, leisure and local democracy were central to today’s program. The visit began at Kjølnesparken, where the Crown Prince was informed of the plans for a new swimming pool to be attached to the sports facility. Here, Crown Prince Haakon signed a porcelain tile that will be part of the new swimming pool.

He then had lunch with the Youth Committee and heard about the participation of children and the youth in local democracy and politics.

The visit was concluded at the municipality’s cultural center Ælvespeilet. There, children and youths in teams and associations showed their leisure activities. There was also time for a party performance where some of the municipality’s younger talents appeared.

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