Deliberations on Government in the CEC

government liberal solbergErna Solberg (Conservatives) and the Liberal leader Trine Skei Grande. Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

Lengthy discussions on Government power in the Liberal’s Central Executive Committee

The Liberal Party’s Central Executive Committee was Friday afternoon and evening gathering for hours to discuss whether the party should seek Government power or not.


The Executive Committee members gathered at the Parliament around 4 pm on Friday. When it approached 8 pm , the meeting was still underway..

The Executive Committee is preparing to prepare the weekend’s Central Assembly, where the question of whether the Liberals will initiate formal Government negotiations with the Conservatives and Progress Party will be at the top of the agenda. The alternative is to continue as a partner – with or without a cooperation agreement.

– This weekend, the Central Assembly will decide whether we go into Government or not. We are definitely in agreement, says member of the Executive Committee, Sveinung Rotevatn, to NTB on his way to the meeting.

– The Liberals is ready to seek power, says Guri Melby, Executive Committee member, to NRK and VG.

Both Rotevatn and Melby are among those mentioned as potential Government members for the party.

The discussions are finished

Left has all autumn had exploratory talks with the Government parties, partly to get tough questions obviated. The probes are now finished, NTB gets informed.

This weekend, the governor will decide whether this is good enough to move on to real Government negotiations, which in practice means saying yes to Government.

The Executive Committee was informed Friday about the results of the probes. Apparently, there was a good mood at the meeting, and a smiling leader, Trine Skei Grande, served home maded wraps that had been left over to the journalists who waited outside.

The party leadership and the parliamentary group also had their own meetings on Friday. Ultimately, it is the parliamentary group that makes the final decision.

Useful input

Grande has repeatedly made it clear that the political impact on Liberal’s main issues and values will determine the way forward. But on the inside, the party is divided on the Government

Both the Liberal Party’s Parliamentary group and members of the Executive Committee have traveled around in Norway in the past few weeks to meet with county and local groups. There the question of whether a continued blue-blue Government or a newly-formed blue-green Government has been the subject.

– It has been helpful for the party leadership to get input, Grande emphasizes.

Three Ministerial posts

The probes between the Liberals and the Government parties have taken place at the leadership level and with the deputies throughout the Autumn. Even this week, there have been meetings at the Prime Minister’s House.

The question is how many ministers the Liberals will obtain if the party elects to enter into Government. The Conservatives after what the NTB has been informed, the Conservatives and the Progress Party has offered the Liberals three ministererial posts, with a clear understanding that the Liberals may claim a fourth place at the King’s table.

Considers the alternatives

Discussions in both the Central Assembly and the Executive Committee take place behind closed doors. But during the weekend, probably Saturday night or Sunday morning, the party leader will emerge to sum up the discussion.

– Then you’ll get a lot of answers to what you’re curious about, is Grandes’s message  given to NTB earlier this week.


NTB Scanpix / Norway Today