Difficult driving conditions this Christmas weekend

drivingDifficult driving conditions.Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB scanpix

From Thursday through this Christmas weekend, Norway will be affected by a low pressure system. For those traveling over the mountains, it can mean difficult driving conditions.


In southern and eastern Norway there is low temperatures and snow showers, as well as high winds in some places. Thick fog can lead to icy roads, and in the inner areas the precipitation will turn over to snow. This can lead to difficult driving conditions.

Haukelifjell plowing station leader Olav Stana believes travelers in Telemark should travel either immediately or after Christmas Eve.

– I would have traveled right away. Otherwise I would have waited for Christmas Eve, early in the day. From midnight and beyond, temperatures and rain are forecasted. If the forecasts turn out as expected, we will not have to drive in caravans when it’s raining, says Stana to NRK.

Guardian meteorologist in South and Eastern Norway, Per Egil Haga, believes the problem is decreasing.

“In the coming days, it will mostly be rainy in Eastern Norway, and the temperature will not be so low,” he says.

Thursday and Friday, the western Norway can expect strong winds, as well as rain and snow showers. The wind speed will calm down by Friday afternoon, and according to the meteorologist for Western Norway and Central Norway, Gunnar Livik, it will then be a better time for travelers on the roads.

“That’s when plowing crews say will be the best road conditions,” says Livik.

In central Norway, rain showers are expected along the coast, as well as snow showers in the inner and highlands. Møre og Romsdal can have milder wind but there will be rain in the lowlands early on Christmas Eve.

In many parts of the country there will be heavy snow showers.

“In northern Norway, people will have a lot of snow shoveling to do in the coming days. The main message is that Northern Norway will mostly have a white Christmas,” says North-Norway meteorologist Erik Samuelsen.


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