Political blocks show equal running in a new poll

The Labour's Leader Jonas Gahr Støre.Photo: Torstein Bøe / NTB scanpix

The Grønne (Green Party) are once again above the threshold in a poll where Arbeiderpartiet (Workers Party – Ap) continue to fall, while Fremskrittspartiet (Frp), and Høyre (the Right – H), are gaining strength. Between the blocks,there is relatively even running.


The poll that TV 2 published on Sunday  gave 80 MPs to Ap, Sosialistisk Venstreparti (SVp) and the Senterparti (Sp), and 80 to Høyre, Frp, Venstre (the Left – V), and Kristelig Folkeparti (The Christian People’s Party – KrF).

According to the poll, carried out by  Kantar TNS, only 2.6% lies between  Ap and Høyre (the Right – H). Ap dropped 1.1% since the previous TV 2 measurement on Thursday, leaving a new figure of  26.8%.

Høyre dropped 0.9% to 24.2%. If the poll reflects the reality, it would  give 49 and 45 representatives, respectively, to parliament.

At the same time, Frp’s progression continues. With support running at 16.7% (+1.3), Frp would theoretically gain 31 MPs. They’ve gained 4%, and 8 theoretical MPs by comparison to TV 2’s poll on Sunday eight days ago.

Venstre and KrF finished below the borderline limit, as they did in TV 2’s previous survey on Thursday. With  support of 3.7%  (+ 0.5), KrF would have 3 theoretical MPs. Venstre (the Left) would only have one hypothetical MP in parliament, having dropped to 3.1% (-0.1).

SV and Miljøpartiet De Grønne (the Green Party – MDG) kept their heads above the barrier limit, with  support of 5.7 (+0.2) and 4.6% (-0.1) respectively.

Sp also fell in popularity in this poll. A decline of 0.9%  to 11.2% would  theoretically give them 21 MPs, one less than in the previous poll.

Thus, the three red-green parties Ap, Sp and SV have lost four theoretical MPs when compared to Thursday’s TV 2 Poll, while Høyre, Frp, KrF and Venstre, collectively, have increased their number  of theoretical MPs by five.



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