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Drone caused Oslo airport to close incoming air traffic for 20 minutes

DroneDrone.Photo: Avinor


Oslo airport was closed for incoming air traffic on Tuesday afternoon for 20 minutes after a drone was observed in the air near the airport.


“It was a pilot in a plane that observed a drone at around 1,000 feet altitude, about five kilometers northeast of the Oslo airport. The pilot reported to the airport, and a decision was taken to stop all air traffic until the situation was resolved,” said Lasse Vangstein, press spokesman for Avinor.

The drone was observed near the approach to Oslo airport at 14.40, and thus incoming traffic was stopped. At 15 o’clock the situation was clarified and air traffic was resumed.

– “This is very serious. It is not allowed to fly drones so close to an airport, and the height was also far beyond what is allowed. The rule is there for a reason, and drone pilots must be conscious and respect it,” said Vangstein.

Avinor announces that they will report the incident to the police.


© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today


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