Several drowning accidents in Norway – man died at Lake Hurdal

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Several drowning accidents in Norway – a father died at Lake Hurdal

A man died in a drowning accident at Lake Hurdal. A dead woman is also found at Bygdøy in Oslo. Several other, non-fatal, drownings also occurred in connection with the heatwave over Norway.

A thirty-year-old man died in a drowning accident in Lake Hurdal (Hurdalssjøen) in Akershus on Saturday.

The relatives are notified. The body is retrieved up by divers.

“It is a father who has been out in a boat together with his two sons. He has fallen into the water. He was not able to swim. When the sons returned to shore, they told their mother that their father had fallen into the water. We were notified after that,” Operations Manager of the Eastern Police District, Kristian Loraas, tells Romerikes Blad.

The two sons are supposedly both under 10 years old. The man is a resident of Eidsvoll municipality.

The police reported about the accident at 4 pm, the drowning took place at the Åsand Beach in the north end of Lake Hurdal, Sea King helicopter and air ambulance helped in the search. So did boats and divers from the fire department, as well as volunteers.

“A routine investigation case is created. The police do, however, not suspect anything criminal,” Loraas concludes to the newspaper.

Person found dead in the water at Bygdøy Island in Oslo

A person found dead outside Bygdøy Island in Oslo on Saturday has probably been in the water for a while. The police do not know what happened to the person.

The body was discovered about 100 metres from land.

“The body seems to have been in the water for a while. How long is difficult to say. The person in question did not wear a swimsuit,”  Operations Manager of Oslo Police District, Line Skott, tells NTB.

The police will not say anything more about age and gender for the time being. Any relatives will be notified first.

The body was found by persons who were out in a boat between the island of Killingen and Bygdøy Sea Bath. A police patrol came to the scene and retrieved the deceased. Death was declared immediately.

The police have not yet said anything about what may have been the cause of death, but have no indication that anything criminal has happened.

Duty Officer of the Crime Guard in Oslo, Anders Jonsrud, informs VG that it is talk of a female on Saturday night.

“It is to early to say if crime is involved. The woman will be autopsied.”


Man revived after possible bathing accident in Trondheim

A man, found lifeless in Lake Trolla in Trondheim on Saturday, was resurrected half an hour after he was taken ashore. He is brought to the Saint Olav’s Hospital in Trondheim.

Operations Manager of Trøndelag Police District, Ola Breistrand, informs NTB that it is a man in his sixties.

He was supposedly breathing and conscious before being brought to St. Olav’s Hospital. The extent of injuries is unknown, according to Adresseavisen

The lifeless man was found and retrieved from the water by passers-by in a boat at the ferry dock of Trolla in Trondheim.

Witnesses have stated that the man was bathing. The police believe it is an accident.

Woman sustained minor injuries in drowning in Fredrikstad

A woman in her thirties was transported to hospital by air ambulance following a drowning in Fredrikstad on Friday night. Her condition is stable.

The Eastern Police District was notified of the incident just before 11 pm. The woman’s relatives are notified.

“We were told by AMK that a woman was lying in the water in the moat around the fortress in Fredrikstad. Heart and lung rescue were started on site. She breathes by herself, but is not conscious,” Operations Manager of East Police District, Tom Sandberg, tells NTB.

The woman was brought to Kalnes Hospital.

“The woman was allegedly drunk. She was walking along the moat together with a relative when she fell into the water. A third party supposedly dragged her to shore, just before police officers arrived,” Sandberg tells Fredriksstad Blad.

He further states that he does not believe the woman has been in the water for long.

Kalnes Hospital informs Moss Avis that the woman is suffering from minor injuries. Her condition is described as stable.

Woman unconscious after drowning accident

A woman in her seventies is unconscious after a drowning accident at Øysand Camping in Melhus, Trøndelag.

The police moved out after being notified of the accident by the AMK Central at 18.50, writes Adresseavisen.

The newspaper writes that the ambulance arrived on the scene before the police. The staff started heart and lung rescue.

The woman has a heartbeat, but does not breathe by herself, AMK reports to the police.

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