Earthquake measuring 2.6 in Western Norway

An earthquake was very noticeable in Sogn and Fjordane, and Møre and Romsdal on Thursday. According to NORSAR, it was measured at 2.6 on the Richter scale.

The quake’s position was 7 kilometers east-northeast of Florø, and it occurred at 14.25 p.m., NORSAR writes. This is considered a medium-sized earthquake in this region.

To NRK, Veronica Kvandal tells Gjelsten from Sandane that she noticed the quake when she had just returned home from work.

“It was so powerful that it really shook the house, and made the glass and cups clink,” she says.

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  1. It must be very quiet there… Here in LA, 2.6 would be a Tuesday with heavy traffic. We sit up and take notice at about 5.5. Count your blessings, my friends. No earthquakes, no tornados, no hurricanes; what a wonderful place!

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