Bonfires banned in Western Norway

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Bonfires banned several places in Western Norway

There is a ban on bonfires and all other use of open flames in several places in Western Norway due to major hazard of grass and heather fires.


– Note! There is a ban on bonfires and similar in southern Rogaland today, where there is a big danger of proliferation, the Southwest Fire District writes on Twitter on Maundy Thursday.

According to Rogalands Avis, the ban applies to a total of 13 municipalities in Rogaland. The total ban means that no fire can be lighted in or near forests or in the lowlands The prohibition does not apply where there obviously is no danger of spreading, that is, in the highlands where there is snow and at the seaside, according to the authorities.

On Wednesday, two fires were reported in the county due to the dry conditions.

On Thursday afternoon, the Alarm Central (110) in Møre og Romsdal reported that the fire chief in Ålesund has imposed a ban on all use of open flames in the Ålesund, Giske and Haram municipalities.

The meteorologists have issued a forecast warning of major grass and heather fire hazards where there is dry ground in Western Norway until there has been significant precipitation. People are asked to be very careful with exposed fire.

In several municipalities in Sogn og Fjordane there has been introduced a ban on bonfires and the like writes Firda. Among other places, that applies to Førde and Askvoll.

There is a general heightened fire hazard throughout the county. The biggest danger is spreading due to losing control of the fire.

– We have seen examples that bonfires have been left without being properly extinguished. Then there’s been a puff of wind and that is enough for it to reignite, says Frode Korneliussen at the Alarm Centre (AMK) to the newspaper.


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