Eight appartments total loss after intense fire at Støren

wo apartment complexes are on fire at Støren in Sør-Trøndelag.Two apartment complexes are on fire at Støren in South Trøndelag. Several cars are also on fire. Photo: Edward Stenlund / Trønderbladet / NTB scanpix

Eight appartments total loss after intense fire at Støren

Two apartment complexes are completely destroyed after aintense fire at Støren. 16 residents have been evacuated. There was a great danger that the fire would spread even further.


Two terraced houses containing a total of eight apartments are total loss due to intense fire, the police in Sør-Trondelag tweets.

There are fierce fires at the spot and lots of black smoke. Several cars are also on fire.

– There is a danger that the fire can be spread as there is close housing in the area, says Operations Manager in Sør-Trøndelag police district, Trond Volden, to NTB.

The police, fire department and ambulance are present on site.

The cause of the fire is unknown.

They ask residents in the area to close doors and windows due to the heavy smoke.

No overview of the scope

Police are working to get an overview of all the residents.

– At present we can not confirm that all occupants are accounted for, says Volden.

According to the Operations Manager, there is not reported any missing persons, VG reports.

Støren is a township in the middle of Gauldal municipality in Sør-Trøndelag. The settlement is situated one hour drive south of Trondheim.

Police have notified the municipality, which in turn has initiated contingency planning.

– We are evacuating people to a nearby nursing home. So far there is no risk of spreading to that place, according to Volden.

– We have notified those who are to set up a reception center for evacuated residents. Now we are working to get a better overview of the situation, says Mayor of Midtre Gauldal Municipality, Knut Dukane, to NTB.


Johnny Hustad who lives near the fire tells VG that there has been violent development in the fire in the last hour.

He tells about several violent explosions.

– It started with a fire in one apartment complex, but the fire quickly spread to the next door complex, and now also this building is on fire, says Hustad to VG.

The police were notified of the fire at 14.37 on Saturday.


The fire is now under control, and there is no longer danger of spreading


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