Norway embraces its Muslim community

Solberg Eid al-Noor Bærum MuslimPrime Minister Erna Solberg greets Irfan Mushtaq as she arrives at the Thon hotel in Sandvika where the congregation of the Al-Noor Islamic Centre in Bærum gathers for Eid. The al-Noor Mosque was attacked on Saturday, August 10th 2019. Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

Norway embraces its Muslim community

Prime Minister Erna Solberg (Conservatives) believe we must fight hostile attitudes towards Muslims together. She is present during the celebration of Eid -al-adha 2019 at Thon Hotell in Sandvika.

Prime Minister Erna Solberg (Conservatives) believe we must fight hostile attitudes towards Muslims together. She is present during the celebration of Eid – al-hadada at Thon Hotell in Sandvika. Budstikka. Waheed adds that they are in a dialog with Bærum Municipality and police.

Many party-clad Muslims are streaming into the hotel, according to the newspaper. The press does not have access to the event.

“Muslims all over Norway celebrate Eid with their loved ones today. A celebration that many have looked forward to. The attack on the mosque in Bærum, however, creates fear and unrest. We must fight hatred and anti-Muslim attitudes. We encompass our Muslim environment as they attend prayer today,” Solberg Tweets.

Enhanced security

The Police Directorate has asked all police districts to employ preventive measures in connection with the celebration of the Muslim holiday Eid. This is due to the shooting episode at the al-Noor Islamic Centre Mosque in Bærum on Saturday.

A young ethnic Nordman is charged with attempted murder for the shooting episode in the mosque. The man, in his early twenties, is also charged with murdering a young woman he is a close relative to.

“The perpetrator was questioned at night but did not want to explain himself,” police states in a press release on Sunday morning.

Mayor of Bærum, Lisbeth Hammer Krog (Conservatives), informs that the municipality is in close dialogue with the al-Noor mosque after the incident.

“Those who were present during the attack are followed up closely,” Krog tells Budstikka.

Many in attendance

Islamic Council Norway states that they have been contacted by several Norwegians who want to volunteer as guards in connection with the celebration of Eid on Sunday. The mosques will have various events in connection with the celebration.

Many have attended morning prayers at the mosque at the Grønland District in Oslo to show their support.

“As you can see, there are many brothers, sisters and neighbours who have come to the mosque to look after us,” a spokesperson for Islamic Culture Center (ICC), Ikhlaq Ahmad, tells VG.

Ahmad states that many members experience fear after the events on Saturday.

“We are concerned about the safety of our members. We’ve stepped up security. the police will also be present in the area,” he explains.


Shall feel safe

Minister of Justice and Immigration, Jøran Kallmyr (Progress Party) emphasises how important it is for everyone to be allowed to follow their religion freely in Norway.

“We strongly condemn the attack on the al-Noor mosque in Bærum. The police are now doing everything they can to ensure that Muslims can celebrate Eid in peace and quiet,” Kallmyr writes in a press release.

Islamic Council Norway, in a press release of their own, writes that they strongly condemn the shooting at the Al-Noor Islamic Center mosque in Bærum.

“People inside the Muslim community are obviously affected. There is no doubt that this places many in a state of shock,” COB of Islamic Council Norway, Abdirahman Diriye, tells NTB.

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