al-Noor perp indicted for murdering relative

al-noor forensic technicianForensic technicians are investigating the crime scene. A young, dead woman is found in this home. It is linked to the al-Noor mosque shooting incident in Bærum on Saturday. Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

al-Noor shooter indicted for murdering close female relative

Police found a dead woman at an address in Bærum on Saturday night. The young woman has a close family relationship with the man arrested after the shooting at the al-Noor mosque.

“We are investigating the case as a possible murder. The dead person is a young woman. She was found when police entered the apartment where the arrested man lives,” Head of Section of Oslo Police District, Rune Skjold, informs during a press conference late Saturday night.

Skjold points out that the man, in his early twenties, is charged with murder in connection with the discovery of the body. He is further charged with attempted murder after the episode at the al-Noor Islamic Centre in Bærum on Saturday afternoon.

Both the task force and the bomb squad moved fully armed out to the home at Eiksmarka on Saturday night, according to VG. They forced their way into the home just before 10 pm, Dagbladet writes.

“The arrested person has been living at this address in recent years,” Skjold continues.

Police do not want to say anything about the cause of death or whether weapons were found at the scene at Eiksmarka.


The man was transferred to police custody during the night before Sunday. He will be attempted to be interrogated as soon as possible. He has not yet been questioned for health reasons.

Lawyer, Audun Beckstrøm, meets with the defendant on behalf of the appointed defence, Unni Fries, during the night. Beckstrøm has not responded to inquiries by NTB.

Police have previously been in contact with the man. Skjold does not want to elaborate on what kind of contact but says that the police are not aware of any previous criminal offences.

They are currently not investigating the case as a terrorist act.

“There is nothing to indicate that it is a terrorist act, but we must take that possibility into account. The police, therefore, want to approach this thoroughly”, Skjold explains.

“A brief interrogation has been conducted. That’s all I want to say at present,” the murder indicted man’s defence lawyer, Unni Fries, writes in a text message to NTB on Sunday morning.

Online activity

The perpetrator’s online activity is a track the police are investigating.

“We are aware that he has posted some messages on the internet, social media and discussion forums. We will further investigate this. We also want information from the public. We encourage anyone, who may have information, to contact the police,” Skjold encourages.

He confirms that police found two weapons when the perpetrator was arrested inside the al-Noor mosque.

“The police will not conclude that shots were fired at present. The police are, admittedly, aware that witnesses have stated that shots were fired,” Skjold rounds off.



Arming the police

The Police Special Service (PST) is involved in the case.

“PST follows the situation closely, work intensively to gather information and attempt to form a picture. We will then assess if this changes the threat picture,” Senior Adviser in PST, Martin Bernsen, tells NTB.

The Oslo Police District is arming all police officers in connection with the celebration of Eid on Sunday. The armament lasts until noon. It will, however, be considered extended. Police are also increasing staffing and will be more visibly present during Eid.

“This is done to make the celebration as safe as possible for the participants,” Police Inspector of the Oslo Police District, Jan Eirik Thomassen, informs at the press conference.

The Police Directorate has asked all the country’s police districts to employ preventive measures in connection with the celebration of the Muslim holiday.

Many Norwegians offer to be volunteer guards

Islamic Council Norway writes on Facebook that they have been contacted by several Norwegians who want to stand as a guard in connection with the celebration of Eid on Sunday.

“We really appreciate this and request those interested to contact a mosque in their area directly.”

The leader of Islamic Council of Norway, Abdirahman Diriye, tells NTB that 40-50 persons have made contact via various channels. This includes persons of other religious faiths.

“This support shows that we, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, stand together against this terrible attack. We will face this hatred with unity and love,” Diriye writes in a press statement.

Muslim hatred has been allowed to spread

The shooting episode in al-Noor mosque is a result of Muslim hatred. The authorities do not take the development seriously, Islamic Council Norway believes.

“Right-wing extremism and hateful attitudes have become commonplace for Norwegian Muslims,” COB of Islamic Council Norway, Abdirahman Diriye, concludes.

Etterfulgt av terrorangrepet på Al Noor moskeen i Bærum har vi mottatt flere henvendelser fra mange nordmenn som ønsker…

Geplaatst door Islamsk Råd Norge op Zaterdag 10 augustus 2019

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  1. Woman hatred is allowed to spread by ignoring that it even exists The only person killed by this man is a woman. Like many sexists he also has a strong primative territorial drive which surfaces thru religion and racism. Still, women are their most constant and frequent victims and most easily accessible dismissed and expendable.

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