Expelled asylum seeker charged with murder in Tromsø


A 35-year-old from Rwanda is accused of killing the 32-year-old woman, Linn Olsen Uteng, in Tromsø in July of last year. The man was allegedly her boyfriend.

According to NRK’s indictment is drawn up by the Norwegian State’s Prosecution Office.

In the indictment it is stated that the man stabbed the woman several times in the chest with a knife. Five stab wounds were directed at the lungs and punctured both of these. She died after a short while due to bleeding and breathing problems.

The defendant himself called the police to report that he had killed the 32-year-old Tromsø woman. “I have killed my girlfriend,” he said, not providing neither his own name nor the name of the victim.

The police went to several locations before they found 32-year-old Linn Olsen Uteng dead in an apartment on the outskirts of central Tromsø. The suspect was still present in the apartment when the police arrived.

A few days after the arrest the police informed that the man has admitted guilt for having stabbing Uteng to death.

The identity of the accused African has been uncertain, and therefore he has not been sent out of Norway, despite the fact that he is expelled from the country.

He sought asylum in 2008, but his application has been rejected. He has stated to be from Congo. The man has not been possible to return both because his identity has been difficult to determine and also because his home country has been reluctant to accept him, according to Immigration.

After the murder the man claimed to be a 27-years-old Congolese, but the police has now concluded that the accused is a 35 year old man from Rwanda, the newspaper Nordlys writes. The Police are now confident regarding the man’s identity.

The case is scheduled to start on May 9th in the Nord-Troms District Court.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today