Extreme weather is hitting Northern Norway today: “Dangerous to be outdoors”

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“Stay at home until the storm has passed,” the police chief in Nordland noted. The county will be the first to experience the extreme weather on Thursday.

From Thursday afternoon, storms will appear from the east and southeast with extremely strong gusts of between 35 and 50 meters per second, the Meteorological Institute warns.

Extreme gusts are expected in Helgeland, Salten, Ofoten, Sør-Troms, Nord-Troms, while very strong winds are expected and Namdalen in Trøndelag.

“Dangerous to be outdoors”

In Nordland, where the extreme weather is expected to start at 1:00 pm, the police and other emergency services are preparing for the storm. 

They ask people to secure loose items and stay at home.

“Thursday and Friday are not the time to go on mountains or take a trip out by boat. Stay at home until the storm has passed,” the chief of police in Nordland Heidi Kløkstad noted.

The danger warning states that it will be dangerous to be outdoors.

Buildings, infrastructure, forests, and power grids could be exposed to large damage.

Lots of snow in Southern Norway

A lot of snow and strong winds are also expected in Southern Norway. The power grid company Elvia states that they have increased their preparedness.

This type of weather entails challenges for the power supply, with the risk of trees falling over power lines, damage to equipment, and heavy snow and ice loads on the lines. 

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