Five killed in a traffic accident at Rjukan

RjukanRjukan.Photo: Rjukan Arbeiderblad / NTB scanpix

Three women and two men died when the car they were driving drove off County Road, 651 and into a mountain wall in Telemark.


All the victims were in their 50s and 60s according to the police.Four of them lived in Kragerø and one in Skien.

‘’Families have been notified and several of the municipalities involved have initiated a crisis team to take care of relatives and others involved.The car was an open topped American ‘retro’ car,’’ wrote the Southeastern Police District on Twitter.

They reported on Sunday that four people had died and that a person had been flown to hospital.Shortly afterwards it was confirmed that the fifth person was also deceased.

“The person was flown to Ullevål Hospital after the accident,but unfortunately died as a result of their injuries.All the five who were in the car when the accident occurred were confirmed dead,” said operations manager,Rune Hunshamar, of the Southeastern Police District to NTB news.

The car was heading down the county road 651 in the direction of Rjukan as it drove off the road and into a mountain wall that runs along a sharp 180 degree left turn.


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