Footballer charged with gross fraud and violence

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Former football player charged with gross fraud and violence

A former top football player has to meet in Oslo district court charged with violence, gross fraud and possession of illegal substances.


The 28-year-old man, who is a retired football (Soccer) player, has been charged with several offenses when his case is handled by the Oslo district court on Tuesday and Wednesday.

One of the allegations concerns gross fraud as the man last year, among other things, misled the phone company Telia to provide him with 46 telephone subscriptions for his private enterprise, delivering him 46 mobile phones free of charge, totaling more than NOK 500,000 in value. He is also accused of trying to sell several of these mobile phones on to others.

Violent behaviour

Another of the accusations regards violence against a bouncer and several other employees at a nightspot in Oslo after refusing to leave the place. He was handcuffed by the bouncers and did not calm down even after the police arrived. According to the accusation, he kicked the divider in the Black Maria so hard that the car shook.

The man is also charged with possession of narcotic tablets, cocaine and even for driving without a valid driving license on several occasions.


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