Found a half million in the mailbox – for the second time


Half a million kroner in thousand kroner bank notes were lying in the mailbox of the chairman of a sports club in Jæren Thursday – for the second time in eighteen months.

Chairman Morten Jelsa in Varhaug IL tells local newspaper Jaerbladet that he received a call from a hidden number when he parked his car on Thursday afternoon.

– I was told that I had to check the mailbox. When I opened I found half a million in  thousand-NOK bills in a brown envelope for the sports club, he said.

Jelsa says that the same thing happened on 14 June 2014.  Like last time, he found a stack of thousand-NOK bills in the mailbox – a total of half a million NOK. That time  Jelsa was not notified of the generous gift.

– We were grateful for the gift and never thought it could happen again. It is absolutely stunning. We are in the process of finalizing a new hall, and 500,000 million  means less in debt means a lot for the sports and all our activities, says chairman and says that he drove straight to the bank and put in the money.

He has a general idea where the money comes from. He does not know the person personally, but says he knows it is the same person as before.

– I do not know the person, but I know that it’s an older retired lady with  the head and body of a 50-year-old. She wants to contribute to something that may bring  many. People joy I also know that she appreciates the work being done here in Varhaug IL, he said.

Jelsa tells that it was not the woman herself who called


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today