Four car fires at Godlia in Oslo

car firesOslo.Car fires in Godlia.Photo : Ørn Borgen / NTB scanpix

Four cars caught alight in the same street in a residential area of Oslo on Saturday night.The cars were totally damaged and there was a danger of the fire spreading to nearby houses.


All the car fires occurred in Stordamveien on Godlia said the police.

Two of the cars were alight standing in private drives and very close to homes.

There were a total of four cars that burned in three different places in the area.

“It was obviously suspicious when so many cars started burning at the same time. We are searching in the area by helicopter and many units for the perpetrators. Now we have towed away the burned cars and will continue on research and tactical investigations,”said operations manager, Gjermund Stokkli, of Oslo police district to NTB news.

The situation was intimidating, with a large amount of smoke development and all emergency services were on the spot.

“We evacuated no one, but there was a lot of smoke development, so residents were asked to keep their windows closed. From one car fire it spread to a garage, from another it spread to a hedge, but the fire department eventually got control of the fire” Stokkli said.

He also said that a number of loud bangs were heard in the area,which could have been the sound of tires and engines exploding because of the fires.The police had not arrested anyone by Sunday morning.

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