Fremskrittsparti seeks stricter penalties for parents of genitally mutilated children

Kari Kjønaas KjosKari Kjønaas Kjos (Progress Party).Photo: Audun Braastad / NTB scanpix

Fremskrittsparti (Frp) seeks penalties for parents who don’t prevent the genital mutilation of children, including that they lose the care of their children.


The penalties should also apply in cases where parents say they didn’t know the children had undergone the mutilation.
According to NRK news, the police received 53 cases of genital mutilation over the past ten years, but no one had been convicted.

Parliamentary Representative, Jon Helgheim, of Frp, finds it hard to accept that no one was convicted,and believes it is gross negligence to fail to detect that a child had been exposed to genital mutilation.

Together with Karia Kjønaas Kjos (Frp), he will now introduce legislative proposals in parliament, reported NRK. They want medical misconduct to be considered as a charge of gross violence, and that parents who don’t prevent their children from being subjected to the abuse should lose their right to parental care.

Kjos said that gross violence is a serious criminal offence, which will provide more resources for investigation. She added that it will also give health-care professionals, and others who work with children, a greater requirement to report such cases to the requisite authorities.


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