More people get their news online than on paper

More get their news online than on paperNorway Today News
Six out of ten are reading newspapers online while 53 percent read the newspapers  on paper. The newspaper mobile editions are read by 39 percent.
Overall the media houses reach 85 percent of the population over twelve years, according to circulation and readership figures presented by the trade organization MBL  on Tuesday.
The number of people reading the paper editions declined by 8.9 percent from 2014 to 2015. The online newspapers remained stable ( 0.5 percent increase) while the number of people reading the mobile editions increased by 9.9 percent.
– The trends of the recent years seems to continue: a decline of printed newspapers,  little change in the number of people readin the online editions  and growth for the mobile editions. Overall  most of the media houses retain their daily coverage,  MBL CEO Randi S. Ogrey says.
Source: NRB scanpix / Norway Today