Gjemnes is Norway’s most expensive municipality to live in

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15,739 kroner separates Norway’s most expensive and cheapest municipality to live in, according to a new study from the Norwegian Family Economy. The most expensive is Gjemnes Nordmøre.

It is the fourth consecutive year that the municipality is chosen as the most expensive to live in.

– Although we see significant changes on the list, the top and bottom remained stable in the four years.

Sola municipality is at the top making it the cheapest municipality to live in, while Gjemnes again take the bottom position, said Reidi Krohn-Pettersen, chief economist at the Norwegian Family Economy.

Norwegian Family Economy base analysis on figures from Statistics Norway and look at how much an average household pays in tax, on water, sewage, electric, cleaning and any property taxes. This amounts to 5.269 kroner in Sola, against 21.008 kroner in Gjemnes.

– In the debate over municipal mergers such lists will be interesting to watch. How much higher are the fees in neighboring municipalities? Or have they paid such low fees because the drains are not maintained? is there a giant bill a little into the future? asked Krohn-Pettersen.

Cities in Norway are not at the top of the list. Oslo is 29th, Stavanger in 51st place, and Bergen on 68th place of the country’s cheapest municipalities to live in.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today