Harsh criticism against Trump from Germany

harsh criticism against TrumpSigmar Gabriel, Photo: Bundestag.de

German Foreign Minister with harsh criticism against Trump

The German Foreign Minister comes with harsh criticism against Trump. This the day after Kansler Angela Merkel said that old alliances are not wholly to be trusted.


Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel accuses Trump of leading a short-term policy that weakens the West and harms Europe.

– Anyone who accelerate climate change by weakening environmental protection, sell more weapons in conflict areas, and who does not want a political solution to religious conflict, endangers peace in Europe, says Gabriel Monday.

Weaker Europe

– The short-term policy of the US government is against the interests of the EU, The West has become smaller and at least weaker, he continues

The statement comes the day after Merkel held a speech where she said that Europe can no longer rely on old alliances. Europe therefore have to take fate into their own hands.

Even Prime Minister Erna Solberg Monday made statements that are interpreted as skepticism to the cooperation with the United States through NATO.

– We can not take other nations support for granted. I think it’s too early to write off the NATO cooperation across the Atlantic though, says Solberg to NRK. She says this in conjunction with the Nordic prime ministerial meeting in Bergen.

British assurances

Merkel’s statement is interpreted as a hard-hitting punch towards Trump. “The Donald” was last week on his first European visit as US President. Here he embarked on a collision course with other Western leaders, both during the G7 meeting in Sicily and at the NATO summit in Brussels.

In Britain, it has been noted that Merkel mentioned Britain in the same breath as the United States when she said that Europeans must fight their own struggles for the future, without being able to count on old alliance partners.

– We can assure Merkel that we want a deep and special partnership to preserve security throughout Europe, says Britain’s Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, to BBC.

According to her, the UK still wants cooperation with Germany and other European countries on fighting terrorists, other defense and security issues and trade, even though the British have decided to leave the EU.

Wish for continued cooperation

– The days when we could fully trust others is to some extent over, this is what I’ve experienced in the last few days, Merkel said on Sunday.

She stressed that “this must happen in all amicability with the United States and the United Kingdom.”

Merkel’s spokesman Steffen Seibert said Monday that the initiative is self-explanatory, but he stresses that the Prime Minister is still an advocate of cooperation between the United States and Europe. Germany will “continue to work to strengthen this relationship,” he assures.

As an autocratic ruler

Merkel’s rival Martin Schulz, party leader in Social Democratic SPD, goes even further. He describes Trump as a leader looking to humiliate others.

– He behaves like an autocratic ruler, says Schulz to the TV station ARD.

– Europe is the answer. Stronger cooperation between European countries at all levels is the answer to Donald Trump, he says.

Schulz warns especially Europe against giving in to what he thinks is a recipe for an arms race from Trump.

The European Commission points out that it is actively working to preserve the solidarity between European countries.

– It’s just about ensuring that Europe decides its own destiny. At the same time, we are open to the world, says EU Commission spokesperson Margaritis Schinas.


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