Haxi driver from Stavanger granted compensation

Taxi Haxi Taxi DriverA Norwegian Taxi. Illustration Photo: Norway Today Media

Haxi driver from Stavanger granted compensation

A driver registered in the taxi app Haxi is given a compensation of NOK 20,000 by the state after being acquitted by the Supreme Court.

In the summer of 2016, the Supreme Court aquited several Haxi drivers for pirating as the current legislation has no provisions for dealing with such applications. Now one of them has been granted compensation after being prosecuted, E24 writes.

The driver, who wishes to be anonymous, claimed NOK 30,000 in compensation The state’s civil law administration granted him NOK 20,000. The driver did not receive compensation for alleged financial loss.

Online Taxi Service

Haxi is an online taxi service, and the passenger can choose specific drivers themselves, and drivers charge for the transport themselves. The users register as drivers and / or passengers, and the drivers jot down where they are heading.


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