Sex Convict: ‘Police treated me poorly’

AttorneyAttorney at work.Photo: Berit Roald / NTB scanpix

A 26 yr. old man from Lower Buskerud who was prosecuted & found guilty last February of committing internet sex crimes against 49 underage girls is appealing his sentence of 15.5 years and NOK 2.4M in fines.


Anders Green, the guilty man’s defender, gave statement to Drammens Tidende of the appeal: ‘He takes responsibility and is very sorry for what he has done. He apologizes but believes he’s been poorly treated during the penalty phase of his conviction. He cooperated and confessed from the very first and believes his cooperative spirit merits penalty reduction.’

According to state prosecutors, the 49 victims, all girls, range in age from just 12 to 15 yr old and reside within all points of the compass. Using internet chat rooms and webcams, the convict convinced the girls to perform sexual acts with him watching.

The 15.5 year sentence handed down by the court also includes punitive damages of NOK 2.4M, to be disbursed between 21 of the victims.

The crimes were successfully prosecuted in both the Kongsberg and Eiker district courts.


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